Challenges of aquaculture in the twenty-first century (Thursday, 12 July 2012)

Pi i Sunyer hall, IEC


9.15 – 10.00 h

Aquaculture today, a look at challenges ahead: health management

Dolors Furones, Aquaculture Centre, IRTA

10.00-10.45 h

Present and future of nutrition in fish. Applied use of biomarkers and interactive mathematical models with a high predictive value

Jaime Pérez-Sánchez, IATS-CSIC

10.45 – 11.30 h

Molecular basis of the making of eggs in marine fish: the role of oocyte aquaporin

Joan Cerdá, CSIC-IRTA

11.30 -12.00 h

coffee Break

12.00 -14.15 h

Plenary lectures (co-organized with the Sections of Ecology, Microbiology and Virology)

14.15 -15.30 h


15.30 -16.15 h

Regulation of markers of lipid metabolism in fish

Isabel Navarro, UB

16.15 -17.00 h

Diseases in fish: what do we have to know and what can we learn?

Francesc Padrós, UAB

17.00 -17.45 h

The stress response in fish and the interaction between regulatory systems

Lluis Tort, UAB