Program of Ecology Section (Thursday 12 July 2012)

Nicolau d’Olwer hall, IEC

9.15 -10.00 h

Stequiometry and global metabolism

Josep Peñuelas, CREAF-CSIC, Bellaterra

10.00 -10.45 h

Phylogenetics, genomics and global change: understanding the past to enlighten the future

Vincent Savolainen, Imperial College, UK

10.45 -11.30 h

Biodiversity: portfolio of responses to global change

Fernando Valladares, CCMA-CSIC, Madrid

11.30 to 12.00 h

coffee Break

12.00 to 14.15 h

Plenary lectures (co-organized with sections of Aquaculture, Microbiology and Virology)

14.15 to 15.30 h


15.30 to 16.15 h

Phytoplankton as victims and players in the global change

Adriana Zingone, Anton Dohrn Zoological Station, UK

16.15 to 17.00 h

The threat of Earth’s oceans becoming more acidic

Carles Pelejero, ICM-CSIC, Barcelona

17.00 to 17.45 h

Marine invasions: a future nuisance that is already present

Enric Ballesteros, CEAB-CSIC, Blanes

17.45 to 18.00 h

Small closing

Could global change finally merge terrestrial and aquatic ecologists?