Tuesday 10th of July

Biophysics, Molecular Biology, Systems Biology and Neurobiology


9.15-11.15 h

Parallel sessions

Oral communications selected:

Cell damage and cell death (Prat de la Riba room)

Receptors, channels and transporters (Pere Coromines room)

Speaker: Anna Aragay, IBMB-CSIC

Traffic and signaling in health ans disease (Nicolau d’Olwer room)

Speaker: Vivek Malhotra, CRG

From genotype to phenotype: where are we now? (Pi i Sunyer room)

Speaker: Luis Serrano, CRG

Debate with: Ricard Solé, UPF; Roderic Guigó, CRG; Juli Peretó, UV; Roger Guimerà, URV

 11.15-12.00 h

Coffee break

12.00-13.00 h

Plenary lecture

Auditorium of Music Conservatory of the Liceu 

The evolution of language

Tekumseh Fitch, Universitat de Viena, Viena

13.30-15.00 h


14.45-16.15 h

Workshop on conference presentation skills (limitat a 20 estudiants de doctorat)

Elinor Thompson, PRBB

15.00-16.15 h

Round tables


16.15-18.00 h

Parallel sessions

Molecular biology in model organisms (Prat de la Riba room)

Speaker: Pere Puigdomènech, CRAG, CSIC-IRTA-UAB-UB.

Biophysics (Pere Coromines room)

Speaker: Daniel Navajas, UB

Systems biology (Nicolau d’Olwer room)

Rui Alves, UdL; Javier Buceta; Luciano di Croce, CRG; Marta Ibañes, UB

Marta Ibáñes, Dept. of Structure and Constituents of Matter, Faculty of Physics, UB

Cellular and molecular neurobiology (Pi i Sunyer room)

18.00 h

 Beer & Posters